You Can Be A MESA Tutor!

MESA tutors and AEW Coordinators are experienced students who have been successful in many of the courses taken by other MESA students. It is a great way to increase your own understanding of the material, to help your fellow MESA students, to get a great addition to your resume, and to earn income on campus. If you would like to apply to beFun in MESA a MESA tutor or AEW Coordinator, fill out the MESA  2020 Tutor AEW Application, and turn in a hard copy to the MESA center.

Tutors and AEW Coordinators earn about $13.50 per hour to start with .50 increase after your first year. To be a MESA tutor or AEW Coordinator, you will need to submit an application, transcripts, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, and you will have to have taken a course on tutor training (EDU 110 Tutoring Methods), or be willing to take it concurrently as you begin tutoring.