Application Criteria


Scholarship Application

The annual deadline to apply for a Mendocino College scholarship is March 1

Please note that letters of recommendation are subject to the same March 1 deadline.

The web-based application will require a 500 word or less scholarship essay and two letters of recommendation.

You must have applied to Mendocino College and been assigned a Mendocino College Student ID to fill out a scholarship application. For more information on applying for admission to Mendocino College go to

Click Here for Tips for writing a scholarship essay and asking for letters of recommendation

General Information

Once you apply, you will be considered for all scholarships for which you meet the donors’ criteria.

A Complete Application includes:

  • A completed Web-based application
  • A student essay (limited to 500 words) - located in the FREE FORM RESPONSES section of the web-based application
  • Two Letters of Recommendation. At least one Recommendation Letter MUST BE FROM A CURRENT INSTRUCTOR/FACULTY MEMBER unless you are a re-entry student (have not attended college and/or high school for 5 or more years). Re-entry students must still provide two letters of recommendation. Requests for letters are done from your application under the LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION section. Ask for letters of recommendation in person, and if they agree to write the letter, ask for their email address so you can send them the link to your scholarship application.
  • High school students MUST submit their high school transcripts with their application - located in the EDUCATION & CAREER INFORMATION section under Academic Status of the web-based application

Scholarships are typically awarded based on some or all of the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement and career or educational goal
  • Grade point average
  • Financial need
  • Full-time (12 units), Part-time status (6 or more units), or currently enrolled as determined by the donor
  • Service to the college, community groups, campus clubs, volunteerism & honors/awards

Scholarship selection committees screen applications for the most qualified student.

Scholarship recipients are notified once the screening process for scholarships has occurred. In most instances, scholarship funds are released to recipients in the following Fall semester upon verification of enrollment and fulfillment of any other required criteria.

With the exception of transfer scholarships, all scholarships are for students enrolled at Mendocino College; they are not transferrable to any other community colleges or universities (unless specifically noted as a transfer scholarship). Failure to enroll or dropping all classes after enrollment nullifies eligibility and award funds must be repaid to donor.

For questions, please contact:

Lana Eberhard, Scholarship Coordinator
Mendocino College Foundation • Room 5110
1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, CA 95482 • (707) 467-1018