Native American Peer Mentor/Tutor Program (NAPMP)

The NAPMP is a peer-to-peer model designed to facilitate the successful transition and retention of prospective and current Native American students. The program promotes and facilitates student interaction and provides opportunities for students (mentors and mentees) to connect and form strong academic relationships, share knowledge, and work together to succeed in college. Student mentors provide mentees with personalized and sensitive support for academic, personal, and social development while enhancing their leadership, team building and communication skills. Student mentors maintain weekly contacts with mentees and model cross-cultural communication, cooperation, understanding, and interaction. The main goal of the NAPMP is to facilitate the transition and adjustment of prospective and current students to campus life.

For more information about the mentorship program, please contact Mendocino College Native American Resource Center/Outreach Specialist – Malissa Donegan, (707) 468-3000 ext. 4603,

Our Mentors

Maria Muniz    Kyle Whiterock    Charo Barrios
Maria Muniz                             Kyle Whiterock                      Charo Barrios