New Placement Fall 2019

Effective FALL 2019, all students will have the opportunity to qualify for transfer level math and English! Students will soon be able to place into math and English courses using high school records and our new placement questionnaire instead of taking placement tests. In order to complete the questionnaire, you will need to know your cumulative high school GPA. If you do not know your cumulative high school GPA, contact:

Janet Daugherty

Fall 2019 to Fall 2020:

Mendocino College will only administer English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Tests.
Call: 707-468-3046 to schedule an ESL Placement Test.

In order to take an ESL Placement Test, all students must:

  • Apply to Mendocino College and receive a student ID number.
  • New students must complete an online orientation.
  • Present ID number and photo ID at testing time.
  • Retake Petition - Taking the same test for the second time must be approved by a Mendocino College Counselor, English or Math Instructor.
  • Make and appointment:  

Please call the Lake, North County & Fort Bragg, Coast Center for  Placement Testing times

Lake Center: 707.263.4944
North County Center: 707.459.6224
Fort Bragg, Coast Center: 707.961.2200

If you have questions about the Math and English placement testing please contact the Learning Center:

Janet Daugherty
Student Success Director