Puente Program


The Puente program (www.thepuenteproject.org) is an academic, counseling and mentoring program that has improved college persistence and success rates for thousands of California's educationally under-served students.  The Puente mission is to increase the number of community college students who: 

  • Transfer and enroll in four-year colleges and universities 
  • Earn college degrees 
  • Return to the community as mentors and leaders 

The Puente program at Mendocino College is a two semester cohort program that is open to all students who are ready to enroll and who have not completed the Puente cohort courses (see below).  Cohort classes will be offered primarily face-to-face on the Ukiah campus. Space is limited to approximately 25 students per academic year.  Program enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.  We will utilize waitlists for any additional interested students and provide referrals for additional college services available to students.   

If you are interested in the Puente program, please complete the Puente Interest Form (button below) and attend an Interest Session. If you have questions, please contact Professor Apryl Guisasola, Puente Counselor & Co-Coordinator at aguisasola@mendocino.edu.  

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Fall Semester

  • ENG 200 College Composition (3 units)  
  • ENG 65 Academic Literacy (2 units)  
  • ENG 560 Writing Lab (non-credit, no units) 
  • CCS 101 Career & Life Planning (3 units)  

*Students may enroll in additional courses with assistance from the Puente Counselor.

Spring Semester

  • ENG 201 Critical Thinking Through Literature (4 units) – focus on Latinx literature 
  • PSY 215 Psychology of Personal Growth (3 units)
  • MTH 200 Precalculus (5 units) + MTH 34 Support for Precalculus (2 units), OR
    • MTH 220 Statistics (4 units) + MTH 532 Support for Statistics (non-credit, no units)
  • MTH 30 Math Success (1 unit, online)
  • MTH 540 (non-credit, no units)

*The math class you choose will depend on your major (the Puente Counselor will assist you)



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Math Instructor/ Co-Coordinator, Professor Leslie Banta


English Instructor/ Co-Coordinator, Professor John Rall


Counselor & Instructor/ Co-Coordinator, Professor Apryl Guisasola