Pomo Pathway

What is Pomo Pathway?

Pomo Pathway is a two-semester sequence of classes offered by Mendocino College. This pathway ensures completion of transfer level English and Math courses within the student’s first year and prepares them to pursue a degree.

What Support is Available to you?

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FALL 2022 CLASSES  (August 15 - December 9) 

Required Courses:

ENG 200-0214  College Composition (3 units)  M&W 2:00-3:20pm  Ukiah

This course will fulfill the requirements of the first semester of freshman composition at the university level. All sections are both writing and reading intensive. Topics covered include thesis development and support, writing essays in various rhetorical modes, close reading, and completion of a thorough, properly cited research paper.

ENG 65-0215  Academic Literacy (2 units)  M&W 3:30-4:20pm  Ukiah

This course will incorporate and contextualize reading and writing strategies aligned to English 200 coursework. Students will read and comprehend sophisticated texts and respond to diverse ideas and perspectives through writing expository and/or persuasive compositions.

CCS 101-0419 Career and Life Planning (3 units)  T 2:00-4:50pm Ukiah

This course will assist students in establishing and achieving education, career, and life goals through a comprehensive approach to effective planning. Students will examine how psychological, social, physical and environmental factors impact career and life choices.

HST 222-0715  Native American History (3 units) Online 

This course will examine Native American history from pre-Columbian times through the present using tribal histories to illustrate broad historical dynamics and the interplay between politics, law, culture, philosophies, and religions of First Nation people and those of foreigners.

LIB 200-0490 Info & Research Competence (1 unit) Online

This course will teach students to develop a process for dealing with the numerous information sources that barrage us in the 21st century so that information needs are met by learning to use print and electronic indexes, electronic databases, and the numerous resources inside the walls of libraries as well as over the Internet. This introductory course will teach the skills necessary to find, evaluate, use, and synthesize information for information needs within a college environment or the world of work.



MTH 178 - Applied Math

ENG 205 - Critical Thinking

COM 203 - Public Speaking

*For specific details on Degree Programs please schedule time to consult with a Counselor.

For more information about the Pomo Pathway Program and how to register:

For more information, contact Malissa Donegan at mdonegan@mendocino.edu, Monica Whipple mwhipple@mendocino.edu or

Apryl Guisasola at aguisasola@mendocino.edu

Malissa Donegan, Native American & Other Populations Outreach & Support Specialist


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