Cranium Cafe is an online video chat option for students to meet with FYI staff virtually.  Please see schedule below for staff availability.

FYI staff, Jessica, Manuel & Mónica are available during the following days/times to video chat:
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The FYI Counselor, Brenda Estrada, is available by appointment. Call, text or email us to schedule a virtual or phone appointment with Brenda:

Call/Text: 415-484-5953 - Jessica/FYI Virtual Office

FYI/CAMP tutors are available for online tutoring by clicking here or on the "Online Tutoring" on the left side of your screen: 
To live chat on your computer, follow these directions below to get started:
  • Use Chrome or Firefox for your browser. See below for technical support.
  • Have your webcam ready.
  • Have your microphone or a headset with a mic ready.
  • When you see a green light on the page by the staff member, just click on "Knock on Door" to begin chat.
  • Log-in with your WebAdvisor username and password.
*All video chats are recorded for security purposes*

Video chat with FYI on Cranium Cafe

For technical support, please refer to ConexED's Help Center.

Desktop PC and MAC Meeting Requirements:

  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox should be used (Do not use Internet Explorer)
  • The web camera should be ready and activated
  • Computers should have a built in microphone or have a headset with microphone ready

Android and Windows device Meeting Requirements:

  • Use Chrome
  • Have your web camera ready and activated
  • Have a headset with microphone ready – your cell phone headset will work great

iOS - Apple Device Meeting Requirements:

  • iOS users will need to use the mobile app. Additional information can be found on the ConexED App page on the Apple App Store.