34th Annual Native American Motivation Day - Virtual Event

May 6, 2021 - 1:00pm to May 7, 2021 - 2:45pm

Mendocino College is pleased and excited to invite students grades 6-12 to attend our Virtual 34th Annual Native American Motivation Day on Thursday, May 6, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

This free event will provide an opportunity for Native American students to learn about Mendocino College programs, meet representatives from four-year universities, and enjoy breakout sessions.

For more information, please contact Malissa Donegan at mdonegan@mendocino.edu.


Event Theme: Community, Persistence, Resilience – CPR during trying times, “We Got This!”  

This event has ended. For a link to the webinar recording CLICK HERE

1pm  - Opening Prayer by Temashio Anderson, Board of Trustees

1:05pm - Welcome from Mendocino College Superintendent/President Tim Karas  

1:10pm -  Ice breaker, Vice President of Student Services, Ulises Velasco

1:20pm Keynote  Speakers – Bonnie Lockhart and Christina T

1:40pm Tutors/Pomo Pathways Student Panel:  

  • Ledah Duncan (Pomo Pathway student)  
  • Gudelia Cisneros-Whiterock (Pomo Pathway student)  
  • Marco Toledo (Guided Pathway Student Leadership) 
  • Carmen Gallegos (ESL & Spanish Tutor)  
  • Caitlin Lazaro (English & Music Tutor) 
  • Connie Rystad (Pomo Pathways and English Tutor)  
  • John Rall (Pomo Pathways English Professor) 

2pm-2:30pm: Breakouts  

Please click the link of the event you would like to participate in. There are 2 options for each time slot.  

Finding Balance using the Medicine Wheel: Discussion about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual directions that assist us find balance in our everyday lives. 

Facilitated by Gabe Ochoa, Sherwood Valley 



Sports and Indigenous Mascots: Discussion about the timeline of events regarding sports and Indigenous Mascots. 

Facilitated by Chairman Cromwell, Robinson Rancheria 



Introduction to CIMCC’s Tribal Youth Ambassadors 

Facilitated by CIMCC’s Tribal Youth Ambassadors, Jayden Lim (Pomo) and Matthew Molina (Pomo) 



Mindfulness to Connect with Education: The Power Within 

Facilitated by Kita Grinburg and Mercy Ruiz (Kashaya) 


Closing Prayer by Martin Martinez