Alcohol And Other Drug Studies




The Alcohol and Other Drug Studies (AODS) program provides students with the knowledge and skills to address fundamental issues encountered in the field of substance use, abuse and dependency. The knowledge and skills acquired by completing the program are also applicable to a broad range of human service settings such as social service agencies, mental health services, and programs providing counseling services to diverse demographic groups. Students are able to apply and integrate their academic learning through practicum experiences (internships) in various public and private agencies, institutions and businesses, based on students' preferences.

Completion of the Associate of Science degree will assist students in obtaining entry-level employment, job promotion/salary increases or transfer to a four-year college or university. Graduates have been employed in well-paying, benefitted positions with Public Health Departments, Social Service agencies, Youth service agencies, schools, Tribal programs and a variety of other governmental and non-governmental community agencies and programs.

The AODS Program exceeds the minimal standards for AODS Programs established by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). These standards were identified by the State of California as meeting the educational requirements for counselor certification. Degree and certificate completers qualify to apply for certification through a variety of state-approved certification boards.  

It is the Mission of Mendocino College’s Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Program to:   

  1. Prepare students to function as ethical and competent entry-level AOD counselors, with an understanding of and sensitivity to the diverse populations which they will serve;
  2. Build and maintain effective partnerships with local human service agencies which support students’ education and help meet employer’s on-going needs for prepared, entry-level human service workers;
  3. Instill in graduates of the program a commitment to continued professional development.​

Degrees and Certificates

Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Certificate of Achievement

Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Associate of Science

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