COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Please review before coming to campus:

Covid Signage


Mendocino College is committed to protecting your health and safety. For the Spring 2022 semester, we have transitioned to more on ground classes and services, but still have many online and hybrid courses available. For a list of classes scheduled, please visit:

The college now requires all students and staff to show proof of being fully vaccinated prior to coming to campus. Those who do not show proof of vaccination will have to provide negative COVID-19 test results on a weekly basis. The MendoMobile app will allow students, staff, and visitors to submit this information quickly, securely, and efficiently. 

As of May 20, 2022 (the Summer Semester) we will no longer require students to test weekly or show vaccination status. Using your profile on MendoMobile for scanning or contact tracing will be more important than ever at this time to ensure that any new cases of COVID-19 are managed quickly. Please continue social distancing and mindful handwashing

For questions, please contact the Mendocino College COVID-19 Response team at, or 707.467.1002




You do not have to take part in weekly testing if you are fully vaccinated or an online only student
(fully vaccinated means you have either a single Johnson & Johnson injection, the two Moderna or AstraZeneca shots, or the two Pfizer inoculations, and it has been two weeks after your final dose).  

STEP ONE: Get vaccinated
STEP TWO: Use the MendoMobile app to upload an image of your Vaccination Card or other proof of vaccination. 


Vaccination is the best way to control the COVID-19 virus and is recommended by medical experts.
However, weekly testing is an alternative in order to attend classes, and use services, on campus.

STEP ONE: To get started, please get a PCR test at a clinic or Public Health facility or a third party verified rapid antigen test to ensure that you will have your results ready to upload prior to your first day of on-ground classes. After your initial test date, plan to test on that same day to ensure that you have a valid test submission every seven days. For example, if you test on a Monday, you'll want to continue to test on Mondays. 

You will need to test and upload results no more than seven days apart to maintain your green/valid campus pass. You can get tested at any of the suggestions below:

STEP TWO: Send your test results through the secure Mendocino College app and wait for your Green Screen notification to enter campus. This is how the app will let you know when your information has been accepted, and you are cleared to enter campus.
If you receive a different notification (yellow or red) contact

STEP THREE: Are you on campus weekly? Choose a consistent testing day. Your campus clearance only lasts for seven days, and you do not want to fall behind. This pattern will be your weekly testing schedule.

Are you only on campus every once and awhile? Be prepared to show proof of full vaccination to enter campus buildings.


  • If your test is Negative, enjoy your college experience, learn something you’re passionate about, and make sure that your campus pass does not expire by becoming vaccinated or keeping up with your weekly testing schedule.
  • If your test is Inconclusive or Positive, do not come to class. We’re sorry you’re not feeling well. Submit your test results normally, and we will ensure that the people who need to know will be informed.
  • If your test is inconclusive, test again the following week. Do not attend class on campus if you have an inconclusive result.
  • If you have a positive test, in keeping with CDC guidelines, we require that you do not return to campus for any reason for 10 days to avoid further illness.
  • It is likely that you will test with a false positive after having the virus even though you are no longer contagious for up to 90 days after becoming ill. Please resume testing 90 days after your COVID-19 illness.

***Important Note: Students who opt to test weekly will be warned of upcoming disenrollment if they miss a single test. If they miss two tests, they will be disenrolled and will no longer be able to attend classes on campus.



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Mendocino College has implemented several measures over the past year to assure campus safety such as: 

COVID 19 Resource Links

  • It is strongly recommended that all employees, students, and guests wear masks while indoors on campus.  
  • District-wide air filters replaced with fresh MERV 13 filters for greater air filtration. 
  • Re-programming of building automation systems to maximize fresh air flow as much as possible. 
  • Bipolar Ionization systems installed in all compatible HVAC systems. 
  • Strategic deployment of supplemental air purification systems.  
  • Updating restroom facilities with touchless fixtures.    
  • Addition of custodial staff to provide enhanced daytime cleaning.    
  • Providing hand sanitizing stations at all building entrances.   
  • Providing masks and disinfectant wipes in all offices and classrooms.   


For the most up-to-date hours of operation for specific departments and locations, visit:

We appreciate you and are making every effort to ensure you are able to continue your education journey while remaining safe and healthy.