Mendocino College Provides Students with Extra Support as Fall Semester Kicks Off

August 20, 2020

As the academic year begins, Mendocino College is focused on the safety of students, faculty, and staff while helping students continue to pursue their academic success during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Approximately 3,000 students will be taking hybrid – a combination of face-to-face and online classes – or fully online classes this fall. While the majority of classes and services remain online, the college has a reopening plan for limited in person operations that includes comprehensive safety guidelines and protocols to help keep students and employees safe and healthy. 

In the first few weeks of the fall semester, which began August 17, the college established limited hours for on ground student services such as Financial Aid and Admissions and Records in order to support students who need face-to-face assistance. Chromebooks are also being provided to students who express the need to their instructors. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the college has been surveying enrolled students to find ways to mitigate barriers to academic success. Students who complete the survey can express the need for access to the internet, a computer, the college Food Pantry, textbooks, and academic/personal counseling or socio-emotional support.   

The Mendocino College Foundation is also providing eligible students with a $250 grant from the Student Emergency Fund. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the college has distributed approximately $20,000 in the form of grocery store gift cards through its Food Pantry and the foundation has distributed $104,000 in student emergency grants.   

Mendocino College Superintendent/President Tim Karas says, “Keeping everyone safe during the pandemic is key. I urge our students and staff to take care of themselves. Many are experiencing added stress to an already stressful time. Flexibility, kindness, and fortitude are some words that come to mind. Students are encouraged to reach out to their instructors for support, together we will get through this difficult time.” 

Virtual Support is available during normal college hours for students to access Admissions and Records, Counseling, Financial Aid, the Disability Resources Center, and other departments. Students are also encouraged to access libraries, tutoring, e-learning support and other academic resources online, which can be found by visiting For the most up to date hours of operation and on campus social distancing requirements, visit