Mendocino College Plans to Offer More On-Ground Classes in Spring 2022 with a Focus on Campus Safety

October 22, 2021

A “safety first” mindset has been the approach of Mendocino College when planning to return to a more normal offering of on-ground classes and student services after a long 18 months of mostly remote learning. While the college never completely shut down, it is excited to announce that many classes will be held in person. The spring 2022 term begins January 18, and will look similar to how it did pre-pandemic, with more on-ground classes. The college will still offer a variety of online and hybrid classes for those who prefer this type of instruction or who are unable to attend on ground classes due to barriers such as full-time work or lack of transportation.  

“I want to assure everyone that Mendocino College continues to have the safety and well-being of our campus community as our guiding principles,” says Superintendent/President Tim Karas. “The college will be increasing the slate of in-person classes in the spring, and restoring many activities, events, and opportunities that allow our students to enjoy learning, campus life, and community engagement. The past year and a half has been challenging, but we can get through these tough times with patience and kindness.” 

In order to keep the community and campus safe, beginning January 2022, the college will require all students and staff to show proof of being fully vaccinated prior to coming to campus.  Those who do not show proof of vaccination will have to provide negative COVID-19 test results on a weekly basis. A new mobile app called Mendo Mobile will launch mid-November 2021, and will allow students, staff, and visitors to submit this information quickly, securely, and efficiently.  

In addition to vaccine and testing requirements, the college’s plan to return to on-ground teaching, learning, and services has included implementing several measures to assure campus safety such as: 

  • All employees, students, and guests are required to wear masks while indoors on campus.  
  • District-wide air filters replaced with fresh MERV 13 filters for greater air filtration. 
  • Re-programming of building automation systems to maximize fresh air flow as much as possible. 
  • Bipolar Ionization systems installed in all compatible HVAC systems. 
  • Strategic deployment of supplemental air purification systems.  
  • Updating restroom facilities with touchless fixtures.    
  • Addition of custodial staff to provide enhanced daytime cleaning.    
  • Providing hand sanitizing stations at all building entrances.   
  • Providing masks and disinfectant wipes in all offices and classrooms.   
  • An official Director of COVID-19 Response position is being recruited to oversee district compliance with all health mandates put in place by local, state, and federal officials. 

Mendocino College encourages eligible employees and students to sign up for vaccination opportunities and has offered $100 gift card incentives for those that do. Vaccines are now available to anyone 12 and over and can be scheduled through the MyTurn website at  

Open registration for the spring 2022 semester begins November 20 and students can view the full schedule online starting November 1 at To enroll, visit