Mendocino College to Hold Online Cybersecurity Summer Camp Program for Middle and High School

May 20, 2020

Mendocino College has once again partnered with the North Far North Region to host a collective Cybersecurity Summer Camp program for Middle and High School students. These free and online week-long cybersecurity summer camps are for any Middle School and High school students (grades 7-12). Students can choose from an introductory or advanced camp.

These camps will expose students to critical cybersecurity skills for which there is an extremely high demand in our labor market. According to David Pai, Mendocino College Computer Science Instructor, “It is exciting to be able to provide students with fun, free, and totally virtual camps in order to build their critical thinking, team, and technical skill sets. This is also a wonderful way for us to nurture our relationships with our K12 partners.”

Mendocino College faculty and students will be assisting with the camp facilitation. Camps will utilize Zoom to teach and interact with students for three hours each morning with activities and games in the afternoon. No experience is required to sign up for the virtual Introductory Cybersecurity Camp. It is recommended that students attend the virtual Introductory Cybersecurity Camp before the virtual Advanced Cybersecurity Camp because students will be a part of an online community of learning in the first week that continues into the second week.

Each camp is five days, Monday-Friday, and will feature topics such as Python programming, cyber hygiene, digital citizenship and ethics, systems administration, security audits, and network forensics. The session dates are as follows:

  • June 15-19: Introductory Cybersecurity Camp #1
  • June 22-26: Advanced Cybersecurity Camp #1
  • July 20-24: Introductory Cybersecurity Camp #2
  • July 27-31: Advanced Cybersecurity Camp #2

Camps meet daily from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Students are also invited to participate in immersive cybersecurity activities from 1:00-3:00 PM each day of the week. Space is limited so register today for this amazing and fun virtual learning experience by visiting: