Mendocino College to Hold Fall Semester “Primarily” Online

May 21, 2020

Mendocino College Interim Superintendent/President Eileen Cichocki announced today that the college will hold classes in the fall “primarily” online. According to Cichocki, “This decision is made with the health, safety, and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and community in mind. This was a very difficult decision, but after speaking with faculty leadership, deans, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and others, it became clear that it was best to make the decision as soon as possible to allow time for thoughtful planning for the fall schedule to take place.”   
Cichocki is using the phrase, "primarily online" because there will be some courses that must have some limited in-person activities. Any in-person activities will take place with appropriate safety precautions such as physical distance and sanitation measures, and will be held in small, stable groups. Having most classes online will allow the physical space for these few classes to meet for limited times in-person. 

The college has already announced all summer classes will be held online and all student services continue to be offered remotely. For a list of online resources currently available for students please visit: Registration for both summer and fall are now open. The summer semester begins June 8 and fall semester begins August 17. A full class listing can be found by visiting   
When the time comes, the staff and faculty at Mendocino College look forward to beginning a thoughtful and deliberate transition back to on campus instruction and services.