Mendocino College “Mostly Online” Fall 2020 - Registration Now Open

June 29, 2020

Enrollment and registration is open for the “mostly online” fall 2020 semester at Mendocino College. The semester will begin August 17.  

Mendocino College faculty have been working to find creative ways to migrate as much of their curriculum to an online format as possible given limitations due to COVID-19. Most classes will be fully online. However, a limited number of classes are hybrid, meaning they will provide some on ground sessions, such as Auto, Nursing and other Career Education courses. Also, some art, music and science labs will have limited on ground sessions. All sessions held in person will follow cleaning, social distancing, mask, and small group protocols designed specifically for the classroom activity, equipment, and size.  

“Our goal is to provide our students with a safe, engaging, high-quality learning environment given the current restrictions put in place,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs, Debra Polak. “We want students to be able to continue their education this fall with as little interruption as possible. To that end, we have designed a comprehensive schedule. We also hope that students who might be uncertain about taking online classes will reach out to us, so we can share information about the many resources we will have to support them.”  

Mendocino College provides a host of  support and services geared toward student success in this new learning environment, including free tutoring, books, tuition, and more. More than half the students who attend Mendocino College qualify for some form of financial aid, and many meet the guidelines that eliminate unit fees completely, regardless of their financial situation through the Mendocino College Promise Program. For more information about eligibility, please visit   

Currently enrolled students can register for classes using MyMendo, which can be found by visiting New students can apply online at To make a counseling appointment, please email