Class Changes

Adding Classes

Students may continue to enroll in semester length courses through the second week of instruction, subject to space-availability. During the first week, faculty signatures are not required, except in closed classes. Beginning with the second week, faculty signatures are required.

Cancellation of Classes

The College reserves the right to cancel planned or scheduled classes due to insufficient enrollment, inability to assign a qualified instructor, or for other circumstances unforeseen at the time of the schedule publication. In the event a class is cancelled, efforts are made to help students relocate in other classes consistent with their interests.

Dropping and Grades of Withdrawal

Once a student enrolls, a grade will be assigned for any class that is not dropped.(Section 51306,Title 5)

Students who are not doing well in a class or who have been absent a significant number of days should consult with their counselor or instructor before dropping the class.  No notation of "W" or other symbol shall be made on the Academic Record of the student who withdraws, or drops, a class during the first four weeks of the semester or 30% of a short-term course.  A "W" will appear if a student withdraws between the fifth week and fourteenth week (or 75% of the course).  Excessive withdrawals can result in "Progress" probation and loss of financial aid eligibility.

Procedure for Dropping or Withdrawing From a Course

WebAdvisor may be used to drop a class during the allowed drop period or the student may submit a completed drop card at Admissions and Records at the Ukiah Campus, or the Lake or Willits Centers.

Withdrawing After the Deadline

Under extenuating circumstances (verified cases of accidents,illness, injury preventing attendance or other circumstances beyond the control of the student), a student may petition the Director of Admissions and Records for a retroactive drop resulting in a grade of "W." These requests must be made no later than the end of the following semester. After approval and consultation with the instructor, the course grade may be changed to a "W."

Military Withdrawal occurs when a student is an active or reserve member in the United States Military Services and receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses.  Upon verification of such orders, a "MW" symbol will be assigned, if after the drop period. "MW" is not used in progress probation calculations.

Changes to the Printed Schedule

The printed class schedule is published for information purposes and is subject to change without prior notice.  Every effort is made to ensure its accuracy.  However, the provisions of the schedule are not to be regarded as a contract betweent the student and the college.  An updated master schedule is available online.  Mendocino College reserves the right to cancel any class.  The College Catalog is available online for all policy information.

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