Drops and Withdrawals


You may drop a class through WebAdvisor, or submit a drop card to the Office of Admissions and Records, until the withdrawal deadline. If you drop a course before the drop deadline, a notation will not appear on your record for that class.  If you drop a course after the drop deadline but before the withdrawal deadline, a 'W' notation will be assigned.  Enrollments resulting in "W" notations will be included in the determination of progress pobation/dismissal, course repeat eligibility, and may affect your federal financial aid.  It is recommended that you meet with a counselor, review course repeat guidelines, and check with the Financial Aid Office to learn how a withdrawl may impact you.  You may not drop a class after the withdrawal deadline.  Please review the current academic calendar for important dates or check with your instructor or the Office of Admissions and Records for class specific deadlines.  Some instructors will drop students for lack of attendance. It is your responsability to be aware of deadlines and to drop your class(es) if you no longer plan to attend.



You may be approved to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline if extenuating circumstances apply.  Extenuating circumstances are defined as verified cases of accident, illness or injury preventing attendance, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student.  You may petition up to one year after the course was attempted.  A petition including a written statement, and supporting documentation verifying the extenuating circumstance(s) must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records within the specified deadline.  Incomplete petitions or petitions submitted after the deadline will be returned without review. Complete petitions will be reviewed by Admissions and Records staff and the instructor of record consulted.  In the event of approval, the final course grade will be changed to a "W".

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