• Fees and Tuition


    Students enrolling at Mendocino College are required by state regulations to pay an enrollment fee. The current fee, subject to change by the state legislature, applies to credit courses as follows: $46.00 per unit (or $23.00 per half unit).


    These fees are highly competitive with the 113 community colleges in California. The current fee** and refund policy is published in the Catalog and applies to credit courses.

  • New, returning and continuing Mendocino College students are given a registration appointment date that provides the earliest date they may register for classes.  The registration date is based upon the student's priority registration status and the last four digits of their social security number.

  • Registration dates and priority registration information now available for current, new, and returning students.

  • If a student receives a grade of "D," "F " or "NC," the student may repeat the course once and receive a new grade; however, the listing of the original grade will remain on the student's permanent record. To repeat a course, file a petition with the Admissions and Records Office.

  • Students are allowed to register as auditors in a limited number of classes where the course repetition policy applies if they have previously enrolled for credit for the maximum number of times allowed for the particular course.

  • Distance Education credit courses provide students an opportunity to complete a course on their own time, usually at home or in the College Learning Centers. The courses are academically equivalent to the same courses taught on-campus but require a greater amount of independent study and commitment by the student.

  • It is the intent of Mendocino College to guide students into courses in which they will have the greatest chance for academic success. Therefore, students will find courses which have prerequisites, corequisites or recommended preparation in their description.

  • If a class fills and a waitlist exists, you will be given the option to be added to the waitlist. Waitlists will remain active through the first week of the term. ​After the first week, waitlists will disappear and all students must obtain an instructor signature to enroll.

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