Drug-free Campus

We ask you to actively support the creation of a drug- and alcohol-free learning environment by knowing and making others aware of college policies and the substantial health and legal consequences of abuse.

District Policy #511: It is the policy of the Board of Trustees to prohibit the possession or drinking of intoxicating liquor in any form by any person on the College grounds, or the coming on the grounds of any person who has been drinking intoxicating liquor. Any official gathering, whether on or off campus, is in the interpretation of this policy considered as being on the College grounds. The penalty of dismissal is provided for students who violate this policy. The same policy applies to the use of possession of illegal drugs."
The use of narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs or alcohol is also prohibited, per California Education Code 87011 and 88022. Such controlled substances include cocaine, marijuana, LSD, heroin, methadone, mescaline, peyote, and methaqualone, among others.

Legal Sanctions: If you abuse drugs or alcohol on campus, or appear on campus or at a college-sponsored function after using drugs or alcohol, you can be suspended, expelled, and/or criminally prosecuted.

For more detailed information and a listing of assistance programs contact the Dean of Student Services, Room 1000, MacMillan Hall or at 468-3105.