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Section 4013 in Ukiah
3.00 unit class runs from 01/20/2009 to 05/19/2009
Method of Instruction: Lecture

Class Meeting Times
Days From To Room Instructor

T 6:30 pm 9:30 pm 202 Ukiah Pegan J

Course Description

Historical development, philosophy of law and constitutional provisions;
definitions, classifications of crimes and their applications to the
system of administration of justice; legal research, review of case law,
methodology and concepts of law as a social force. Crimes against
persons, property, and the state as a social force. Course may not meet
major requirements at transfer institutions. See your counselor for
more information.

Days Legend
M - Monday; T - Tuesday; W - Wednesday; Th - Thursday; F - Friday; S - Saturday
TBA - To be arranged; SUN - Sunday only; DHR - By arrangment
DAILY - Monday - Friday; ALL - Monday - Sunday


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