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Business Administration prepares students for positions of responsibility or advancement in various areas of business. This major includes a general education pattern, as well as lower division required courses. Students completing a business baccalaureate program may be hired in accounting, finance, marketing, management entry level positions in public accounting, industry accounting, financial investment, banking, sales and marketing, real estate and land development, salary and wage administration, government, consulting, management, and other areas of business.

Term Effective Fall 1984
Required Courses
Course Title Units
BUS 200 Financial Accounting 4.0
BUS 201 Managerial Accounting 4.0
BUS 212 The Legal Environment of Business 3.0
ECO 200 Economics (Macro) 3.0
ECO 201 Economics (Micro) 3.0
Plus 3 additional units selected from the following:
CSC 201 Intro. to Windows Applications 3.0
CSC 203 Programming in Visual Basic for Windows 3.0
CSC 204 Database Application Development using Access & VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) 3.0
CSC 213 Programming in C++ 3.0

Total Required Units 20.0


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