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Earth Science is a broad field offering countless personal and professional opportunities to work on practical problems that are important for life as we know it on planet Earth. Because the Earth and its environment are all around us, job opportunities related to the earth and our environment will always be plentiful. Obtain the associates degree and build your knowledge base and your resume for finding your next local job. Or, plan to transfer to a four-year institution and study geologic hazards, planetary exploration, the environment, resource management, bioremediation, or any number of other related subfields. The possibilities are vast, and job satisfaction is high in a field that often lets you spend time outdoors.

Term Effective Spring 2005
Required Courses
Course Title Units
CHM 250 General Chemistry I 5.0
EAS 201 Geology (or GEL 201 - Geology - cross listing) 4.0
EAS 202 Geology Lab (or GEL 202 - Geology Lab - cross listing) 1.0
MTH 210 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I 5.0
MTH 220 Statistics 4.0
Plus a minimum of 11 units selected from the following (3 units must be selected from EAS courses):
AGR 108 Soils and Fertility Management 3.0
BIO 242 Introduction to Oceanography 3.0
CHM 251 General Chemistry II 5.0
EAS 200 Environmental Science (or NRS 200) 3.0
EAS 206 Physical Geography (or GEO 206) 4.0
EAS 208 Environmental Geology (or GEL 208) 4.0
EAS 210 Geology of California (or GEL 210) 4.0
EAS 211 Weather and Climate (or PSC 210) 3.0
EAS 212 Intro to Geospatial Analysis (GEO 212) 4.0
EAS 222 Advanced GIS (or GEO 222) 4.0
MTH 211 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II 5.0
PHY 214 Calculus Physics - Kinematics 4.0
PHY 215 Calculus Physics - Electricity Magnetism 4.0

Total Required Units 30.0


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