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The LVN to RN upgrade/30-unit Option Certificate of Achievement is designed to provide California Licensed Vocational Nurses the classroom and clinical training necessary to be elgible for the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses. Students who take the NCLEX-RN after completing a certificate program, such as this (as opposed to a degree program) may not be able to practice as a nurse outside the state of California. Students interested in the 30-unit option certificate program must meet with the Nursing Program Director before enrolling in the program. For further information on program requisites, contact the nursing office at 468-3099.

Required Courses
Course Title Units
BIO 231 Physiology 5.0
BIO 259 Microbiology 5.0
NUR 121 Leadership and Management I 1.0
NUR 122 Complex M/S Nursing I 2.0
NUR 124 Gerontology/Public Health Nursing 2.0
NUR 130 Leadership and Management II 1.0
NUR 132 Complex M/S Nursing II 2.0
NUR 134 Mental Health/Psych Nursing 2.0
NUR 138 Advanced Clinical Nursing II 4.0
NUR 50 LVN-RN Transition 1.0
NUR 52 Nursing Technical Lab 1.0
NUR128 Advanced Clinical Nursing I 4.0

Total Required Units 30.0

* NOTE: A one-unit class will be added in Fall 2004 that will be part of the required units for the LVN to RN Certificate.This 30-unit option Certificate Program does not lead to an Associate in Science Degree in Registered Nursing. It entitles the graduate to take the examination for licensure as a Registered Nurse, and to practice only in the State of California. The 30-unit option Certificate Program is required by regulation; however, neither the College, the BRN, nor employers consider it to be the best way to prepare students for the realitites and demands of the nursing profession.


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