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The LVN to RN Degree program requires one academic year, or two semesters, in addition to the completion of the prerequisite courses, non-nursing breadth requirements, and competencies. The LVN to RN Upgrade program represents the 3rd and 4th semesters of a full, generic RN curriculum. Graduates will earn the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing on completion of designated courses and competency requirements. Communication, natural and social science, and nursing courses must be completed with a grade of C or better to be eligible for licensure requirements of the State Board of Nursing. For further information on program requisites, contact the nursing office at 468-3099.

Term Effective Spring 2006
Required Courses
Course Title Units
NUR 121 Leadership and Management I 1.0
NUR 122 Complex Med/Surg Nursing I 2.0
NUR 124 Gerontology/Public Health Nursing 2.0
NUR 126 Nursing Seminar I 2.0
NUR 128 Advanced Clinical Nursing I 4.0
NUR 130 Leadership and Management II 1.0
NUR 132 Complex MS Nursing II 2.0
NUR 134 Mental Health/Psych Nursing 2.0
NUR 136 Nursing Seminar II 2.0
NUR 138 Advanced Clinical Nursing II 4.0
NUR 50 LVN-RN Transition 1.0
NUR 52 Nursing Technical Lab 1.0

Total Required Units 24.0


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