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Accounting prepares students for positions of responsibility or advancement in the field of business. This major offers education for students desiring to enter the world of finances; upgrading for in-service personnel; certificate program; an Associate of Science degree; and pre-employment educ ation in the major or allied fields such as accounting clerk, bookkeeper, payroll clerk, accountant or budget clerk.

Required Courses
Course Title Units
BUS 101 Computerized Accounting Practices 1.0
BUS 111 Federal Tax Accounting 3.0
BUS 200 Financial Accounting 4.0
BUS 201 Managerial Accounting 4.0
BUS 230 Introduction to Business 3.0
BUS 50 Mathematical Applications in Business 3.0
CSC 201 Intro. to Windows Applications 3.0

Total Required Units 21.0


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