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English major leads to the Associate in Arts degree and prepares the student for transfer to a four-year institution. Students completing the baccalaureate program or graduate work may be hired in the major or allied fields as a journalist, editor, information specialist, legislative assistant, public relations officer, teacher, advertising writer, lawyer or technical writer.

Term Effective Fall 1973
Required Courses
Course Title Units
ENG 201 Reading and Composition II 3.0
ENG 225 Introduction to Shakespeare 3.0
ENG 245 American Literature I 3.0
ENG 246 American Literature II 3.0
ENG 250 World Literature 3.0
Plus 3 additional units selected from the following:
ENG 210 Creative Writing 3.0
ENG 265 Intro to California Literature 3.0

Total Required Units 18.0


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