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This program provides technical knowledge and skills required by the California Administrative Code to gain certification in California as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P). The job of the EMT-P is to provide basic life support for the sick and injured in the pre-hospital or emergency room setting. Many fire service and law enforcement positions require an EMT-P certificate as a prerequisite for employment. This five semester training program provides the student with knowledge of acute, critical clinical symptoms pertaining to pre-hospital emergency medical care of the infant, child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient. Completion of this program meets minimum requirements to take the state license exam to become a Paramedic.

Term Effective Fall 2006
Required Courses
Course Title Units
HLH 60 EMT-Paramedic I (Didactic) 9.0
HLH 61 EMT-Paramedic II (Didactic) 9.0
HLH 62 EMT-Paramedic (Clinical) 4.0
HLH 63 EMT-Paramedic Field Internship I 5.0
HLH 64 EMT-Paramedic Field Internship II 5.0

Total Required Units 32.0


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