Programs > Ceramics -Master Technician Certificate of Achievement

Required Courses
Course Title Units
ART 240 Ceramics I 3.0
ART 241 Ceramics II 3.0
ART 244 Advanced Ceramics I 3.0
ART 245 Advanced Ceramics II 3.0
ART 246 Raku and Primitive Ceramics 3.0
ART 247 Ceramic Casting and Mold Making 3.0
ART 252 Clay Sculpture I 3.0
ART 50 Ceramic Kiln Building and Repair 3.0
ART 51 Introduction to Ceramic Glazes 3.0
ART 53 Low-Temperature Ceramic Firing/ Glazing Techniques 3.0

Total Required Units 30.0

NOTE: To earn the Ceramics-Master Technician certificate, all coursework must be completed at Mendocino College with a grade of ?C? or higher. Students who earn a ?D? or below in any course will need to repeat the course(s) according to approved repeatability provisions.


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