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Automotive Technology prepares students for entry level positions in the automotive repair and maintenance service fields. To those students who are working in a branch of the Automotive Technology area, this program offers opportunities for advancement as well as expanding their basic knowledge of this career field. The program provides a knowledge range from contemporary basic automotive technology to advanced automotive electronics.

Term Effective Fall 2006
Required Courses
Course Title Units
AUT 140 Automotive Engines 4.0
AUT 142 Brakes/Suspension Alignment 6.0
AUT 144 Manual Transmissions/Power Trains 3.0
AUT 145 Automatic Transmissions/Power Trains 4.0
AUT 146 Automotive Air Conditioning/Heating Systems 2.0
AUT 162 Automotive Electrical Systems 5.0
AUT 166 Automotive Diagnosis and Tune-Up 6.0
AUT 170 Adv. Engine & Emission Controls 6.0

Total Required Units 36.0


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