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Welcome to Ceramics at Mendocino College! 

For questions or more information, contact Doug Browe, Ceramics Instructor or Gregory Byard, Ceramics Instructional Assistant.



Doug Browe
Mendocino College Ceramics Instructor
(707) 467-1003 |

Gregory Byard
Ceramics Instructional Assistant
(707) 468-3087 |


If you are interested in a degree or certificate in ceramics, there are two ways to go. You can either obtain an Associate of Arts Degree with the Ceramics Option emphasis or you can pursue a Ceramics Master Technician Certificate. (Click on the links for complete information about either program.)



Join the Ceramics Club!

For more information: Ceramics Club

Get involved with your community - through "Empty Bowls," sponsored by the Mendocino College Ceramics Department. Click here for more info: Empty Bowls.



Doug Browe,
Ceramics Instructor

Well known for his pottery work at the Hoyman Browe Studio in Ukiah, Doug Browe has been affiliated with the Mendocino College (MC) art faculty since he taught ceramics part-time in the 1990's. He most recently worked as the ceramics studio manager for three years, until he was hired as a full-time assistant professor of art (ceramics and sculpture) in 2007.

In 2001, Browe was asked to set up a ceramics studio for tribal "Karen people" in a Burmese refugee camp, where he taught them to make ceramic water filters. "Eighty percent of childhood mortality under 5 years is attributed to water-borne illnesses that water filters could end. It was righteous work!" says Browe.

Besides his classes at MC, Browe frequently teaches workshops for both practicing artists and college students, most recently in Portland, Oregon, and Lake Tahoe, California. He also teaches at the Mendocino Art Center.

Browe says his favorite courses to teach are those intended for students who are new to ceramic art. "It thrills me when the spark ignites them and takes hold of them," he says.

Describing his teaching style, Browe explains that "to educate," means to draw out, while "to instruct," means to force in. "I try to draw out my students," he says, "by creating a hunger in the direction of the information they need."

For Doug's complete bio, please click here: Doug Browe

  Doug Browe at the wheel  






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