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November 15, 2012

1000 Hensley Creek Road
Ukiah, CA 95482

Leslie Banta, Math Instructor
(707) 467-1053, Email:


In a classroom where you could hear a pin drop, 18 middle school students sat for 40 minutes on Tuesday, November 13, and worked determinedly to solve 25 math problems, as Mendocino College hosted the AMC8 Middle School Math Competition.

Four students were from Redwood Academy of Ukiah, a charter school, 11 from River Oak Charter School, and three from Cogito Academy, a home school. The tests were forwarded to American Math Competitions for official scoring, with the results expected early next year.

After the competition, the students enjoyed discussing the test with each other and romping around outside the college's new library building. When the tests had been scored unofficially, the participants returned to the test room, where Schat's cookies were served and certificates awarded to all.

One parent said of her daughter's participation, "She loved the test! It was a very positive experience."

Contest organizer Leslie Banta, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Mendocino College, summarized the experience: "It was wonderful to see these students taking an interest in mathematics at an early age. We look forward to seeing them again at Mendocino College in the future. A special thank you goes to the schools and teachers who encouraged their students to participate".

Mendocino College MESA Club members Ryan Corpuz and Melissa Reynolds assisted by distributing test forms, scratch paper and bottled water.

Next up: Mendocino College will also be offering the AMC 10 competition on Feb. 5, 2013. The AMC 10 is designed for students in grade 10 and below. Registration forms for the AMC 10 will be e-mailed to math teachers at local schools to make them easily available for students. Interested students may also contact Leslie Banta by e-mail at to receive the registration forms directly.

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