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Roger Adhers

Roger Ahders

Office: 9182
Office hours:  
M-F 11:00 am -12:00 pm

Phone: 707-468-3136

Roger grew up in Cloverdale and attended Santa Rosa Junior College, graduating with an AA from SRJC. He went on to earn his BS in Mathematics from Sonoma State University and his MS in Mathematics from Oregon State University. Roger joined the faculty at Mendocino College in 1998. 

Roger says that the best part of his job is that wonderful moment when a student who previously had trouble with math, suddenly “Gets It!” He likes teaching his students “the strategies of the game” so they can successfully solve problems on their own.

When he is not working, Roger enjoys hanging out with family, hiking, fishing, and other “outdoor stuff.” He is married and has two children.


Leslie Banta

Leslie Banta

Office:  9174
Office hours:
M/W 11:00 am – 12:30 pm  
and  T/TH 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Phone: 707-467-1053

Leslie was raised in Ukiah and attended Mendocino College, graduating with an AA in Liberal Arts with highest honors. She went on to earn her BA in Mathematics from Sonoma State University, graduating with honors and distinction.  Leslie received her MS in Education: Curriculum & Instruction (with a math education focus) from Dominican University of California, completing her thesis on incorporating direct instruction in a self-paced mathematics classroom. She has been selected as a Project ACCCESS Fellow (Cohort 9) for the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges.

Leslie joined the faculty of Mendocino College in 2010 as member of the part-time faculty and began working full-time in 2011. She strives to incorporate her interest in math history into her classes whenever possible. Prior to teaching at Mendocino College, she taught high school math for five years, teaching at both a small college prep high school and at a larger comprehensive high school. She continues to collaborate with teachers at the high school level and works as a mentor/support provider for new math teachers through the North Coast Beginning Teachers Program (BTSA).

Leslie is married and has two adult children (both of whom attended Mendocino College). She also has three grand-dogs as well as a Boxer puppy she calls her own. Her interests and hobbies include math history, the use of writing in the mathematics classroom, Zumba, reading, scrapbooking, and watching sports. She thinks there are few things better than an afternoon or evening spent at the ballpark.


Jason Edington

Jason Edington

Office: 9178
Office hours:  
M/W 8:30 am -9:30 am;
T/TH 11:30 am -12:30 pm

Phone: 707-467-1004

Jason Edington is originally from Southern California where he worked as a pizza restaurant manager, a mechanic, and several other odd jobs during his fairly non-traditional path to becoming an educator. He earned his High School Diploma at the age of 23 after being in the working world and starting a family. Jason then went to Saddleback College where he found a much different experience than high school and a love for education! He earned his AA in Mathematics and went on to earn his BA and MA in Mathematics from CSU Fullerton.

Jason came to Mendocino College in 2004. Since then, he has become very involved in many aspects of the department, the college, and his professional organization. In the math department, Jason has designed or co-designed all of the online courses, and continues to work towards expanding the offering of these courses. He is also very active in research and design of developmental math courses, working with students emphasizing not only the learning of mathematics, but also how to read and study a math book!

Jason has served a Co-Advisor for Phi Theta Kappa, the International Community College Honor Society, since his second semester at Mendocino. He is also very active on campus committees, including having served several years on Academic Senate. Jason was a member of Cohort 3 of Project ACCCESS (American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges) and has served as a Network Committee member.

Jason is married and has two children, one attending Mendocino College and the other in High School. His home is full of domestic animals (cats, dog, bird, turtle) and in his spare time he enjoys reading, playing music, motorcycle riding, online gaming, acting, and spending time with his wife and children. His mathematical interests lie in Algebra and Number Theory. 




Aeron Ives

Aeron Ives

Office: 9180
Office hours:
M 11:00 am -Noon;
T 10:00 am -11:00 am (in the learning center);
W 8:00 am -9:00  pm (online);
TH 10:00 am -11:00 am;
Fri 11:00 am -Noon 

Phone: 707-468-3228

Few of his students may realize that assistant mathematics professor Aeron Ives was also once a student at Mendocino College! Ives attended Mendocino College (MC) from the age of 15 until he received his Associate of Science degree and transferred to Sonoma State University (SSU) in 1998. While a student at MC, he worked as a math tutor in the Learning Center. After earning a B.A. in mathematics from SSU, where he also worked as a tutor, Ives went on to receive a master's degree in mathematics from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). While he was a student at SSU, Ives began his fledgling academic career teaching summer algebra workshops, as well as private math classes to home-schooled middle school students. However it was while working as a teaching assistant at UCLA that he finally realized his future would be in college mathematics. “I always enjoyed tutoring, so a career teaching college math just made sense,” he said.

Ives is in his second year as a full-time faculty member at MC, however he taught here part-time seven years ago, before accepting a full-time position at College of the Redwoods (CR) in Fort Bragg. According to Ives, his heart was always in the Ukiah area, and he dreamed of teaching at MC, but he feels lucky to have taught at CR first, because he met his wife, Sarah, at a staff orientation there!

Describing his teaching style, Ives says his classroom is interactive rather than straight lecture. He uses activities to engage students, and he emphasizes “real world” connections.

Ives believes most people would be surprised to know that even though he was a math major in college, he also likes to write. He would love to someday be able to divide his time between teaching math and writing. He dabbles in science fiction, fantasy, and sometimes poetry.

When he is not working, Ives likes to spend time with his family; he and his wife, Sarah, have two small children, Luke and Sophie, as well as a large, extended family in the area. Besides writing, he also enjoys video games, photography, and chess. He would like to start a chess club for students and faculty at MC, as he did at UCLA. 



Deborah White

Deborah White

Office: 9181
Office hours:  
M/W 2:30 pm -4:00 pm;
T/TH 11:00 am -Noon
(in the learning center)

Phone: 707-468-3129

Deborah grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and got her BA in Mathematics from Swarthmore College in 1967 and her MS in Statistics from Stanford University in 1968. She has worked as a journalist, a textbook editor, and a statistical consultant to logging companies, in addition to teaching. She taught in a junior high (what middle schools were called back in the day) in Los Angeles for a year, in a high school in the Bay Area for a year and ran a private school in Mendocino for two years. She taught math at College of the Redwoods, Mendocino Coast, from 1977 to 2000, before moving to Ukiah and teaching at Mendocino College, beginning in 2000.

Deborah’s specialty is Statistics, for which she’s written her own text, available online free to students. She was active in the formation and the running of the full-time faculty union at Mendocino College. She loves to teach and get to know the students and intends to keep working until “either I die or I’m no longer able physically or mentally to do the work.”

She has two grown children and two grandchildren. Her hobbies are gardening, reading novels, and watching sports, both professional, Mendocino College, and her grandchildren’s teams. She is an ardent fan of the San Francisco Giants.



Part-Time Faculty

Our full-time faculty are assisted by a number of well-qualified part-time faculty who help us in meeting the educational needs of our students at the Ukiah, Lake, and Willits (North County) campuses.

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