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The CARE Program of Mendocino College offers extra support to EOPS students who are single parents receiving CalWORKs cash aid with at least one child under the age of 14. Students must be attending full-time, eligible for EOPS and enrolled in a vocational program, certificate or AA degree program.

Depending on the availability of funding, CARE Services include:

  • Meal card to Schat's on-campus
  • Gas card
  • Rolling backpack
  • Workshops
  • School Supplies
  • Financial Aid/Grant

CARE provides support, encouragement and individualized assistance throughout a student's entire college experience at Mendocino College.

To be considered for the CARE program, a student must submit an EOPS Application and a CARE Application to the Financial Aid/EOPS Office (applications can also be submitted to the Willits Center, Lake Center, faxed to 707-468-3197, or emailed to  For instructions on applying for EOPS, visit the EOPS web page and click on How to apply for EOPS.

A CARE Application or further information may be obtained by calling (707-468-3110) or visiting the EOPS/CARE Office Room 1130 in MacMillan Hall at the Ukiah Campus), the Lake Center (707-263-4944), or the Willits Center (707-459-6224).

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