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Mendocino College 5th Annual Literary Festival




Note: Reserve a sandwich for purchase by Wednesday, April 17
or else bring a lunch or snacks to LitFest. Our cafeteria is closed on weekends. 



Some Perspectives on Point of View 

10-10:50 AM Room 4141

Point of view is a significant aspect of every sentence in any story. In this workshop, we will examine the relative merits and pitfalls of various points of view, discuss how to choose the best point of view for a particular story, and experiment with how to use that point of view to the best advantage.

Presented by: Jean Hegland


Poetry writing workshop with Mendocino County Poets 10-10:50 AM Room 4142

Poetry writing workshop with Mendocino County Poets: This writing group has been meeting and writing together for the past six years, using a format to blow past the censor's voice and writer's blocks. Join group members Melinda Clarke, Nancy Horrocks, Ginny DeVries, Helen Falandes and Maluma for a hand's on writing & reading workshop that will get your hand moving and the words flowing! Bring a pen and paper, this is not a lecture.




11 AM - 11:50 AM Room 4141

Writer's block - that nasty situation where words just don't happen. There are many reasons and excuses for being stuck in writer's muck. Perhaps you've written yourself into a corner. Perhaps you are distracted from your project. Perhaps the facts aren't lining up with your plan, or you find--halfway into your manuscript-- that there is no plan. In this workshop, we will use discussion and examples, quick writing exercises that get words flowing, and a dose of humor to get our brains churning out words and our projects back on track. Whether you are struggling to continue a project, or just trying to get started, join in and get un-stuck!

Presented by: Doris Eraldi



Self-Publication & Small Press Publication

11 AM - 11:50 AM Room 4142

Are you a writer who needs to get an agent and be published by Random House to feel successful? Or are you the more do-it-yourself type? Will you be satisfied with only a Kindle version of your book, or do you need an actual paper copy in your hand to feel like your book is real? Join Waights Taylor Jr.  owner of McCaa Books for a look at the world of self-publishing and small press publication.

Presented by: Waights Taylor Jr.



 Lunch Break 12-1 pm
 Visit vendors 
& authors      


 Lunch Break 12-1 pm
 Visit vendors 
& authors


Writing Narrative Nonfiction 

1-1:50 PM Room 4141

Author Natasha Yim will guide you through the nuts and bolts of writing narrative non-fiction, from selecting your subjects, writing and editing and the importance of finding "the story" behind the facts. Using her two non-fiction titles, Cixi: The Dragon Empress and Sacajawea of the Shoshone, she will discuss tackling controversial facts, keeping track of your resources and research notes, and avenues for publication. Although Ms. Yim is a children's book author, the techniques discussed can be used just as effectively in adult nonfiction writing.

Presented by: Natasha Yim


The Trouble With Villains

1-1:50 PM Room 4142

Carl Brush reads from his new historical thriller The Maxwell Vendetta and discusses how to create really good bad guys.

Presented by: Carl Brush




Poetry, Fiction & Memoir

2-2:50 PM Room 4141

 Join us for an afternoon workshop that highlights poetry, fiction and memoir with noted poet and fiction author Armando Garcia-Davila.


 Presented by: Armando Garcia-Davila




Ukiah High School Slam Poetry team


2-2:50 PM Room 4142

Come explore Slam Poetry! This presentation by Ukiah High School Students will show off the Spoken Word genre.

Presented by: Ukiah High School Slam Poetry Team


Food Writing - Staying Hungry

3-3:50 PM Room 4141

This is an exploration into how food writers explore their craft. Join Chef Nicholas Petti, Margaret Fox, Heidi Dickerson, Tom Liden and others in a panel discussion of what makes good food writing.

Presented by: Nicholas Petti, Margaret Fox, Heidi Dickerson, & Tom Liden



Ukiah Poet Laureate Presents

3-3:50 PM  Room 4142

Join current Ukiah Poet Laureate Dan Barth and poet Michael Riedell for a closing celebration of poetry during this National Poetry Month event.

Presented by: Dan Barth & Michael Riedell


Welcome to Mendocino College's LitFest!

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Note:  Workshop sign-up in advance is highly recommended as space is limited by the size of classrooms in the new Library/Learning Center. Please email or call (707) 468-3051. Please give your name, workshop(s) you wish to attend, and a way to contact you. Also, note that an advanced order for food sign-ups is at the Cuisine link. Sandwiches are available by pre-order for $7.00. Otherwise, it is advised that you bring a lunch and snacks with you as the cafeteria is closed on weekends. Pre-order by April 17th.


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