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  • Extra Time on Tests

          Students may need extra time on tests due to learning disabilities, carpal tunnel, low vision, or other conditions.  In this case, you will need to make arrangements to have the exam proctored in the Learning Center, instructing them to allow the prescribed additional time (e.g. time-and-a-half or double time).  Contact the Learning Center staff for exact procedures and protocols.

  • Distraction Reduced Setting

          This means the student will test more accurately without the distraction of other students in the classroom.  These students will need to have their exams proctored in the Learning Center.  Contact the Learning Center staff for exact procedures and protocols.

  • Enlarged Print

          Students with low vision or other conditions need large-print to access exams, handouts, textbooks and other instructional materials  The Alternate Media Specialist will contact you to make arrangements.

  • Sign Language Interpreting

          Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing require sign language interpreting.  These services are coordinated by the DRC Program Assistant.  Your responsibility is to inform the Program Assistant in advance (preferrably 1 week) when there are changes in the schedule (i.e. cancelled classes, field trips, etc.)  You must also assure that all instructional videos are captioned, and that you provide a transcipt of any audio materials.  If you have questions about this, please contact the Program Assistant.

  • Audio Amplification

          Students who are Hard of Hearing may use different types of audio amplification devices.  Some of these devices require preferential seating, some require the faculty to wear a microphone.  Faculty responsibility is to assure that the student gets the seating they need, to wear the microphone, if required and to speak clearly and loudly, facing the students whenever possible.

  • Note Taker

          Students with hearing loss, learning disabilities, carpal tunnel, or other conditions may require the services of an in-class note taker.  If a student needs a note taker, the faculty must announce that there is a need for a note taker and to recruit a volunteer.  Volunteers and un-paid, but there is no additional work required.  The student takes their notes on NCR paper provided by DRC, then at the end of the class they give the student a copy after each class.  If no one volunteers, it is the faculty responsibility to inform the DRC so alternate arrangements can be made.

  • Scribe

          A scribe is used when a student is unable to write an exam, due to a temporary or permanent condition such as a broken arm, cerebral palsy, erc.  These students will need to take exams and in-class quizzes in the Learning Center.  Contact the Learning Center staff for exact procedures and protocols.

  • Tape Recorder

          Some students need to record lectures for later review.  This is a legally mandated accommodation and Faculty cannot refuse to let students record.  Students sign an agreement to use the lectures only for their personal study and review.

  • Preferential Seating

          Some students need to sit in the front of the classroom so they can see better, hear better or concentrate better.  Other students may need specialized seating to accommodate a motorized wheelchair or other adaptive equipment.  Faculty responsibility is to assure that the student gets access to the seating the need to learn best.

  • Use of an In-Class Computer

          Some students need to use a computer to take notes, view enlarged text or access other software accommodations.  Faculty responsibility is to assure that students have access to their laptop.

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