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OPEID: 011672
CIP Code: 51.0713

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CIP Program Description: Medical Insurance Coding Specialist/Coder
Program Name: Business Office Technology - Medical Billing/Coding
Program Level: Certificate of Achievement
Program Length: 3 semesters[1]
Related Occupations:

The following table lists the ONET Code and ONET Title (SOC) for occupations related to this program

29-2071.00 Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

Estimated Cost of Program: $1,656.00 [2]
Estimated Cost for Textbooks and Supplies: $2,277.63 [3]
Mendocino College does not offer on-campus housing.

Number of students who completed this program between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014: 3

Because of the low number of students completing this program, Mendocino College does not report:

  • The percentage of completers with student debt;
  • The median cumulative debt for completers in this program;
  • The amount of Federal student loan debt;
  • The amount of Private loan debt;
  • The amount of Institutional financing plan debt;
  • The number of students who completed the program within the normal program time;

This information is not reported in compliance with FERPA regulations.


[1]Program length is expressed in semesters. There are two 17-week semesters each year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Length of time is calculated as the number of semesters it would take a student to complete the program unit requirements if they enrolled at the minimum full-time level of 12 units per semester. Students may be able to accelerate their progress by enrolling in more units per semester or enrolling in Summer session, if courses are available. Time to complete the program may be longer than the normal program length if a student requires remedial course work.

[2] Program cost is estimated based upon current unit cost (Fall 2012) of $46.00 per unit plus any additional Course Material Fees for required courses. Additional required fees are also included.

[3]Textbook cost estimate is based upon retail cost of new textbooks purchased through the Mendocino College bookstore. A student's actual cost may vary based upon the availability of used textbooks, rental textbooks or electronic text books.

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