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updated March 7, 2013

Mendocino College
University Transfer Fast Track - Is It Right For You?

 If you are a high school senior who will be eligible to enroll at a university in the fall and you would like to complete the first two years of your college education at Mendocino College, UTFT is the program for you.  During The spring and summer prior to enrollment, you will meet with a counselor to plan your courses so that your educational plan contains all of the general education and lower division major preparation you need to insure your successful transfer as a junior to the four year university.

•  Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines for Participation  

•  Application Packet:                                 √  Read through the UTFT Check List
    new applications available soon              √  Fill Out the Enrollment Form
                                                                       √  Attend one of the UTFT Orientations


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