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Matriculation is a process which brings a college and a student who enrolls for credit into an agreement for the purpose of realizing the student's educational objective. The agreement acknowledges responsibilities of both parties to attain those objectives through the College's established programs, policies, and requirements.

On the College's part, the agreement includes providing an admission process; an orientation to college programs, services and procedures; pre-enrollment assessment and counseling; advisement and counseling for course selection; a suitable curricula or program of courses; continuous follow-up on student progress with referral to support services when needed; and a program of institutional research and evaluation.

On the student's part, the agreement includes expression of at least a broad educational intent at entrance and willingness to declare a specific educational objective within a reasonable period of enrollment, diligence in class attendance and completion of assigned coursework, and maintenance of progress towards an educational goal according to standards established by the College and the State of California.

Students Subject to Matriculation
(Revised Procedure 535.1)

All new (first time freshmen,first time transfers)credit students with any Educational Goal are strongly encouraged to participate in Orientation and Counseling services in their first semester of attendance in order to amiliarize themselves with campus programs, services and procedures and to develop an Education Plan. The Education Plan should be completed by the end of the first semester of attendance.

Students who take 9 credit units or more must have their registration card signed by a counselor and bring it to Admissions and Records or fill out a Request for Waiver of Counseling Form in the Counseling Office or their registration will be blocked.

All students planning to enroll in an English or Math course, or a course with an English or math prerequisite, are required to take the Placement Tests, or complete a Prerequisite Course Equivalency Form, or their registration will be blocked.

Students Exempted from Matriculation Requirements

Students who are exempted from matriculation requirements may still participate in Matriculation activities at their option.  Students exempted from matriculation requirements will not be eligible for priority registration.

Students who have received a college degree (A.A.or above) are exempt from all matriculation requirements.

Students who wish to be exempted from the 9 unit counseling requirement may submit a Request for Waiver of Counseling Form in the counseling office.

Students who wish to be exempted from Placement Tests must obtain a Prerequisite Course Equivalency Form in the Admissions and Records Office or the Learning Center and demonstrate that they have either:

  • Completed a college level Reading and Composition course and an Algebra class or higher OR
  • Taken an approved Placement Test with appropriate course recommendations in the last 3 years.

Challenge to Matriculation Policies

Students may appeal any portion of the Matriculation Policies or how they are being implemented, including the development of an Educational Plan, by contacting the Dean of Student 's Office. This includes claims that the process is unlawfully discriminatory or is being applied in such a manner. The Dean of Students will investigate the challenge, and respond. The process for appealing a Prerequisite is listed under "Academic Information."

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