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More Information About Student Loans

Often, students need to borrow money to help with school related expenses. Typically, a student who needs to borrow to complete school is making a good investment in their future. However, many students enter into debt without a clear picture of how it will affect them in the long run. The Mendocino College Financial Aid office is dedicated to student success. To help students successfully navigate the student loan process and develop a realistic educational borrowing plan, our loan application includes a “Responsible Borrowers Worksheet”. We also have workshops to assist you in completing the Responsible Borrower’s worksheet. The complete list of upcoming Responsible Borrowers Workshops is available online

Ways to reduce debt:   jobs, scholarships, & budget planning

We encourage students to consider part-time employment as a way to help pay for their expenses. Please visit the Mendocino College Career and Transfer Center on the Ukiah Campus in MacMillan Hall or online at Career and Transfer Center to explore job opportunities both on and off campus. We also encourage students to actively search for scholarships. A little bit of effort has the potential to save students hundreds or even thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Visit the Mendocino College Scholarship/Foundation office on the Ukiah Campus in MacMillan Hall or at Scholarships for more information. To plan accordingly, it is important to understand how much it costs to live and go to school. Here is a link to the student expense budget, which defines a reasonable expectation of cost – note that many students living away from their parents may experience higher costs due to housing and transportation. Another resource is this useful budgeting worksheet tool

The Student Loan Process at Mendocino College

  1. Student must apply for financial aid to receive a student loan by completing the Free Application for Student Aid at; Mendocino College school code is 011672.
  2. After completing the FAFSA, students will receive a Student Aid Report from the US Department of Education.
  3. Within a few weeks of receiving the SAR, students will receive a letter from the Mendocino College Financial Aid office requesting additional information and/or documents to be submitted.  You may also check WebAdvisor online.
  4. The letter will also advise students interested in student loans.  The Direct Loan Request Form is only given to students who attend and complete a Responsible Borrowing Workshop.
  5. After the loan documents are completed and received by the Mendocino College Financial Aid office, the file will be reviewed for grant, work study, and BOG fee waiver eligibility. An initial award notification will be posted to the students WebAdvisor account. When the Stafford Loan Request form is submitted, it is processed in date order after other awards have been determined and 30 days have passed from the start of the fall/spring/summer semester. This often takes 2-4 additional weeks.
  6. A student then receives notification explaining if their loan is approved/denied or pending by email/letter or through WebAdvisor.
  7. The student must then complete and submit the Direct Loan Promissory Note online at Detailed instructions on how to fill out your promissory note online are available at How to Fill Out Your Promissory Note Online.
  8. The student will complete any necessary entrance counseling workshops or any necessary exit counseling workshops
  9. The funds are requested, transferred electronically to the school, and mailed to the student on the next available loan disbursement date.
  10. The student’s financial stress is eased during the school year allowing them to focus on their studies and complete their educational goal, which in turn offers them more career opportunities. When the student is able work in their chosen field, the debt is worthwhile.

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