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MESA Students Gain First Hand Knowledge of Engineering

This year, for the first time, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants hosted 20 students from Mendocino College and Santa Rosa Junior College in their San Francisco offices.  The students, who are all part of the Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) program, met with practicing engineers who shared their experience in the engineering field.

During the Engineering Shadow Day, students received vital career-building advice and were introduced to real-world engineering projects.  After a welcoming address from Kennedy/Jenks’ Northern California Regional Manager and Vice-President, Eric Hinzel, the MESA Students were broken up into small groups and assigned to engineers in their field of interest, including structural, architectural, mechanical, civil, environmental, and electrical.  The Kennedy/Jenks engineers discussed their own experiences and conveyed invaluable information such as how to obtain a career path and how to balance a rigorous engineering program with family life and extracurricular activities.  The students also heard from a panel of engineers, representing over 120-year of combined expertise, and learned about their challenges, successes, and opportunities. The day also included a workshop on resume development where the students received insider information on how to network and how to “land that first job”.

At the end an engaging day, the MESA students were also treated to an Industry Network Hour where they mingled with Kennedy/Jenks Engineers.

Kennedy/Jenks hopes to expand the engineering day in future years. Susanne Zechiel, Client Service Manager with Kennedy/Jenks, Ukiah resident, and Member of the MESA Industry Advisory Board is thrilled with the success of the event.  “Providing opportunities for students of all ages to visualize their future success is fundamental to the MESA program.  This lines up nicely with Kennedy/Jenks commitment to support the communities in which we work and to mentor younger engineers.” 

Margaret Sanchez, the MESA Director from Mendocino College, brought twelve  Freshmen and Sophomores to the Shadow day. “This is the first professional exposure that most of these students have experienced,” she remarked. “Being here tells them that industry wants them to complete their degrees. They are treated very professionally and they get the sense of what skills industry thinks are valuable for success.”


“The students came away from this event with a great deal of excitement and renewed enthusiasm for their chosen field of study. “


About Kennedy/Jenks Consultants:

Since 1919, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (Kennedy/Jenks) has specialized in designing water and wastewater treatment systems and associated storage, recycling and distribution facilities to meet a wide range of industrial and municipal challenges. Over time, our focus has expanded to include related services in planning, process evaluation, source reduction, water and energy efficiency, soil and ground remediation, risk assessment, permitting and long-term regulatory compliance strategy, renewable energy, and climate change mitigation strategies.

We are an employee-owned firm and our staff of over 500 includes engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, soil scientists, environmental scientists, chemists, risk assessors and information technology specialists. The engineering staff includes more than 135 registered professional engineers in California.   Our clients are municipalities and a diverse range of businesses, including food processors, wineries, manufacturing facilities, railroads, ports, real estate developers, and law firms.


About MESA: Since 1970, MESA’s academic development program has supported educationally disadvantaged students so they can excel in math and science studies and graduate with degrees in engineering, science and technology.

The MESA Community College Program provides math, engineering and science academic enrichment to community college students so they excel academically and transfer to four-year institutions as math-based majors. The program establishes academic-based centers at campuses where students can create communities of learning.  The program is supported by industry, such as Kennedy/Jenks, so that students learn firsthand about career options and expectations. Students are also offered scholarship and internship opportunities.


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