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Transfer Center Services & Resources


  • Academic Counseling - general, university, major and career specific
  • Lower division major preparation planning
  • IGETC Information
  • California State University General Education Information
  • Transfer Admission Agreements (TAA's)
  • Development of personalized education plans
  • Assistance with admission applications as well as CSU & UC Admission Application Workshops
  • Forums and workshops to assist you in choosing a four-year school
  • Resources

  • College catalog collection - both print and electronic format - for most California Community Colleges, CSU Campuses, UC Campuses, and many private and out-of-state institutions - many of these can be found online at the specific college website as well
  • Computer and internet access to college information including College Source (the largest repository of college information on the web) and CSU & UC online applications
  • Information files on special majors and programs

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