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Mendocino College Trustee Member elected to CCCT

Ukiah, CA-  For the first time in Mendocino College history, a member
of the Mendocino College Board of Trustees has been elected to the California Community College Trustee Board (CCCT).
    Janet Chaniot, a Mendocino College Trustee since 2002, will now be able to represent Mendocino College at the state level.    
    "The CCCT Board is a prestigious board that any California community college trustee would be privileged to be a part of.   It is truly a special honor that a trustee from a small, rural community college district was elected.  Janet will serve us well, not only by representing the perspectives of all rural Northern California community colleges, but especially by communicating the needs of Mendocino College and helping to make Mendocino College better known at the state level," Mendocino-Lake Community College District Superintendent / President Kathy Lehner said.There are 72 districts in California for community colleges. State-wide, the CCCT handles trustee issues for California Community Colleges and makes recommendations to its 'umbrella’ organization, the Community College League of California (CCLC).
     The CCLC consists of two boards, one of elected trustees and the other of CEO's of the 72 college districts.  They work with the California Community College Chancellor and Board of Governors, who make recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor of California."It is important that Mendocino College has representatives at the state level working on budget, student access/success, and diversity issues," Chaniot said.  With the addition of Chaniot,Mendocino College now has two representatives active at the state level.  Lehner is currently the chair-elect of the CCLC Advisory Committee on Legislation and Budget.           
     According to Chaniot, Mendocino College will now have more visibility and a voice that will be heard at the state level.
     With an estimated two million students, the California Community College system is the largest institute of higher education in the world.  It is also the system that serves the most diverse population of students."Regardless of age, race, economic or socio economic status, the community college system is working to help students who don't think they can attend college realize they can and will always have the opportunity to attend community colleges. 
     We want to make sure Community colleges serve all students and provide them resources to help them succeed and realize their goals," Chaniot said."We also realize that the community college system, with emphases on job training, transfer to universities, and life-long learning, holds the key to California's recovery from the recession.  It is an 'economic engine' of Mendocino County and the rest ofCalifornia,” Chaniot said.           
     Chaniot is serving her second term on the Mendocino-Lake Community College Board, and she will be up for re-election for her third term in November. Chaniot (originally from Michigan), previously taught English and social science part-time at Potter Valley High School (1971-97), while also teaching English and business communication part-time at Mendocino College (1979-2000).
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