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What is Alternate Media?

Simply put, “Alternate Media” means changing to a different format.

A simple example: Nate is Blind, and enrolled in Biology 200. He buys his textbook at the Bookstore, but obviously he can’t read it.

Solution: Nate enrolls with the DRC, and requests that his Biology book be transferred to an “alternate media.” The DRC gets him a PDF of his textbook. He puts the CD in his laptop, and his screen-reading software reads him the PDF out loud. In this situation, alternate media allows Nate to complete his reading assignments, and pass his class.


Other examples of Alternate Media:

·         Braille books (Converts text to Braille)

·         E-text of the syllabus (Converts hardcopy to electronic file that can be read on Kurzweil  or screen reading software.)

·         MP3 of textbooks. (Converts text to audio.)

·         Sign Language Interpreting. (Converts audio to American Sign Language.)

·         Captioning. (Converts speech to text)

·         Enlarged text. (Hardcopy enlargements for students with Low Vision.)

·        Tactile maps and graphics. (Converts images to tactile.)

Alternate Media at Mendocino College

At Mendocino College, the DRC Counselor is responsible for determining which students qualify for alternate media. The Alternate Media Specialist prepares the alternate media materials, and the Instructional Assistant teaches students how to use the software.


The following Alternate Media accommodations are available at Mendocino College:

  • E-text of your textbooks, syllabus, and classroom handouts.
  • Audio files of your textbooks, syllabus, and classroom handouts.
  • Sign language Interpreting for the classroom, field trips, and College appointments. 
  • Braille.
  • Enlarged text.
  • Captioning.

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