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What is an Accommodation?

Simply put, an accommodation is an adjustment that Mendocino College will offer, to create “a level playing field,” so that you can succeed in your coursework.

A simple example: Nicole has poor vision. She comes to class, and the instructor passes out a quiz that she can’t even see. How well is Nicole going to do on this quiz, if she can’t even read it?


Solution: Nicole enrolls with the DRC, and all her quizzes are enlarged so she can read them. The next time there’s a quiz, the instructor gives Nicole the enlarged version, and she takes the test like anyone else. Does Nicole have a special advantage, because her exams are enlarged? No, she but now she has an equal chance of doing well on the exam, just like any other student in the class. The accommodation has created “a level playing field,” for Nicole to succeed.

Getting Accommodations

Students who need accommodations should contact the Disability Resource Center (468-3031 or to schedule a confidential intake appointment with a DRC Counselor.

This includes students who:

      Had an IEP in High School or Elementary School

      Have a verified medical disability

Have been diagnosed as Deaf of Hard of Hearing

Students who are blind or legally blind

Have a temporary disability or illness

Have a psychological problem like depression, bi-polar or anxiety disorder

Have learning disabilities

Have mobility or other problems that may require special equipment

Have other special circumstances that they would like to discuss in a confidential environment


What if I'm not getting my Accommodations?

  • You haven't signed up with the DRC.
    • Mendocino College does not know you need an accommodation unless you let us know. Students must attend an Intake appointment with a DRC Counselor, and must request services every semester. We do not automatically assume that you want accommodations for the next semester. Also, we want to speak with you about how well the accommodations worked for you, so we can make changes and adjustments if necessary.
  • You didn't give the Instructor the Letter of Accommodation.
    • As explained in the section on Confidentiality, your personal information is not shared with other Departments or other staff. So, your instructor does not know that you have a disability, and certainly does not know that you need an accommodation unless you inform them.
  • You are asking for an accommodation that is not on the Letter.
    • Instructors and other staff are specifically cautioned to only  give the  accommodations in your plan, and not to offer accommodations that are not approved by the DRC Counselor. For example, if you ask your Instructor for extra time on tests, and it's not on your Letter, you're not going to get it, even if you need it!  But if you do need extra time, go to your Counselor to discuss it.
  • Your Instructor forgot.
    • Instructors usually get a large volume of Letters of Accommodations on the first day of class, before they have even learned the names of their students. Sometimes a few things may "fall through the cracks." Human error, and it's nothing personal. If you aren't getting your accommodation, gently remind the Instructor of what you need, and that will usually solve the problem. If it doesn't solve the problem, or you need help approaching a particular instructor, see your Counselor. Take care of this early in the semester, so you don't get behind in your coursework!  

Please Note:

Elementary and High School students are subject to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) which requires the school to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for all disabled students. This is the school's responsibility.


The Community College system is not subject to the IDEA, and so the process is different. Mendocino College students who want services or accommodations must request them, by scheduling an intake appointment, and completing an application process.

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