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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE            April 24,  2009
                            Contact:    Reid Edelman
                            Phone:    (707) 468-3172

WHAT:    7th Annual New Play Festival
    Ten short plays written by local playwrights.

WHO:    Mendocino College Theatre Arts Department &
    Theatre Club

WHEN:    May 15 & 16, 8 PM; all tickets $5.

1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah.
7th Annual Festival of New Plays at Mendocino College

The Mendocino College Theatre Arts Department will present the Seventh Annual Festival of New Plays on Friday and Saturday May 15 and 16 at 8 PM in the college’s Little Theatre, room 710 on the Ukiah campus.

The festival features ten new plays by local playwrights.  Each play is approximately ten minutes long and will be presented at both performances. Many of the plays were developed in English professor Jody Gehrman’s writing classes.  Gehrman has also served as the production’s dramaturge.

The plays have been directed by Mendocino College directing students under the guidance of theatre professor Reid Edelman. The short plays cover a range of topics and performance styles.  According to Edelman, “this annual festival is one of the college theatre program’s most exciting projects, and this year’s line-up of plays is wonderfully vibrant and eclectic.”

In Bill Webster’s “Permission,” a paramedic communes with the soul of a dying man.   Margie Loesch directs this intriguing play featuring Barbara Lee Lilker, Michael Charnes, Matt Holzhauer and Nate Mack. 

On a lighter note, Keith Aisner's "Modern Translation" humorously examines the language of sincerity and pretense in social situations. This charming play about human relationships is directed by Maxx Jennings and features Jason Briseno, Amanda Baguley, Ryan Eldredge and Nichole Phillips.
 “Crystal Clear,” by Florence Peck and Sheralyn Riewerts, takes place in a fortune teller’s studio where a young couple confronts a dark shadow lurking beneath their troubled relationship.    This haunting play is directed by Tyler Gardner. 

Amanda Baguley’s “The Door is Always Open” is being directed by Brittani Ray.   The play, featuring Whitley Sassen, Roseanne Wetzel and Luke Paulin, is a fast paced, door slamming farce set in a teen-ager’s room. 

Tyler Gardner’s “A Fateful Choice,” directed by Mitchell Robertson, is a taut gangster play about the effects of compassion in a world of killers. The cast includes Damian Sebouhian, Bear Palomo and Ryan Eldredge.

“Team Sea Monkey,” by Jody Gehrman and David Wolf, is a delightfully off-beat romantic comedy set in a hospital waiting room.  The director is Denny Aseltyne.  The cast features Bear Palomo, Billy Hetherington, Brittani ray and Crystal Cook.

Sandy Metzler’s “Sacred Ground” involves the relationship between a mother and a daughter on the day of a wedding that promises to be surprisingly eventful.  The play is directed by Alicia Littletree, and features Jan Michele and Andrea McCullough.

“Facing Reality,” by Teresa Loesch involves a lonely teen torn between her depressing real life and the swashbuckling adventures that live in her imagination.  The director is Jason Briseno.  The cast includes Herron Spence, Kristy Tucker, Billy Hetherington and Damian Sebouhian.

In Monique Wentzel’s “Russian Bride,” a man waits for his mail-order bride to arrive at the airport.  The woman who arrives is not what he expected, but perhaps exactly what he needs.  The play is being directed by Russell Gibney, and features Andrea McCullough and Matt Holzhauer.

Finally, in Paul Kubin’s dominatrix comedy “Club Wig,” a repressed, mousy wife confronts her philandering husband when she catches him in an uncomfortable situation.  The director is David Wolf.  The cast includes Damian Sebouhian, Shelley Aisner, Tommy McFadden and Rose Bell.

Tickets are available at the Mendocino Book Company and at the Mendocino College Bookstore.  Some of the plays are for mature audiences; the festival is recommended for ages 13 and up.  Admission is $5.  This production is expected to sell out quickly, so audience members are encouraged to purchase tickets soon!  All proceeds will help support the college theatre club.   For more information, call Reid Edelman at 468-3172.

Tommy McFadden shown here in the 2007 New Play Festival, will be appearing this year in Pul Kubin’s “Club Wig”


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