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 “In compliance with State and Federal law, unlawful discrimination is prohibited in all education and employment practices of the Mendocino-Lake Community College District.  Unlawful discrimination is defined on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), marital status, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or Vietnam Veteran status.  It also includes any act of retaliation against an individual filing a discrimination complaint, participating in the investigation of a complaint or serving as a witness to a complaint. 

This policy pertains to college programs and services, including but not limited to, academic admission, financial aid, educational services, athletics, and in all matters related to employment.  In compliance with the Vocational Education Act of 1963, as amended by Title II of the Educational Amendments of 1976, the College is committed to overcoming sex discrimination and sex stereotyping in vocational programs.  Also, limited English proficiency may not be a barrier to participating in any college class or program. Complaints of unlawful discrimination or related questions may be directed to Karen Chaty, Affirmative Action Officer, MacMillan Hall, Room 1050, (707) 468-3065.” 

--- Mendocino College Catalog, 2008-2010, page 28

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