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Helpful Hints for Dealing with Accommodations 

1. Include a statement in your syllabus such as: “Accommodations will be arranged for students with a documented disability.  Please meet with me during the first of the semester to discuss your particular needs.” 

2.  DRC students with disabilities are instructed to notify instructors via an “Accommodation” Letter.”  Students get this letter from the DRC counselor, to inform instructors that the student has a verifiable disability, and notify them of the required classroom accommodations. The DRC Counselor meets regularly with the student to monitor student success, and changes in educational limitations.  Faculty should contact DRC staff with any ongoing concerns.  

3. Let the student know that you are open to their needs, and appreciate that they have made contact with the Disability Resource Center (DRC).  Also, confirm that you appreciate the information and guidance contained in the Accommodation Letter. 

4. If the student does not present you with an Accommodation Letter, refer the student to the DRC.  Please note that students are not required to register with the Disability Resource Center unless accommodations are requested.   

5. If there is a disagreement regarding accommodations or concern regarding the appropriateness of the interaction with the student, document the discussion that took place and any actions taken to resolve the situation.  Then send a copy of your notes to the DRC Director. 

6. Please do not draw attention to the student by discussing the accommodation request in front of the rest of the class. Do not ask about disability-related medications, and be especially cautious if discussing specific details about disability.  Keep in mind that this is a sensitive area, and that your student/instructor rapport may be affected. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact DRC staff for guidance with specific situations.  

7. If you have questions or concerns regarding a student please contact the DRC Director at 468 3031



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