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The Disabled Student in Your Classroom

The law is written to assure equal access to education, not special privileges, or an easier path to graduation! The law requires "special accommodations," not "special privileges.” Disabled students must meet the same academic requirements as any student, and are graded by the same criteria as other students in the class. 

Disabled students must adhere to the Mendocino College Code of Student Conduct, just like anyone else. If any student is acting out, in or out of the classroom, contact the Dean of Student Service for advice. For students who have self-identified as DRC customers, you may also contact a DRC counselor for a consultation.

DRC Procedure:  

Disabled students contacts the DRC to enroll in the program. The Counselor, and/or Learning Disability Specialist will assess disabilities and define accommodations (sometimes in consultation with the student's physician, therapist, or Voc Rehab Counselor.) Students who need an accommodation will get a "Letter of Accommodation," which they give you on or before the first day of class. 

If a student asks for an accommodation and they haven't given you an accommodation letter, do not comply; instead, refer them to the DRC. If you need help with these situations, contact DRC or the Dean to intervene. 


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