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Auditory Processing Disorder   

    - the difficulty of processing information through hearing. 

Auditory Sequencing:


It is the failure to retrieve auditory information in the correct order of sequence. 


  • Cannot carry out series of verbal directions   
  •   Cannot recall the order of the information
  • Has difficulty comprehending oral information given at a normal rate
  • Appears to be not listening to oral information
  • Turns in work that is only partially completed 

Auditory Memory:


   It is the inability to recall information received from auditory cues. 


    • Difficulty remembering letters, words, numbers, phrases
    • Difficulty remembering sounds that have a meaning such as bells, alarms
    • Appears to not be paying attention
    • When asked what student heard, unable to give details In lectures, unable to remember important facts
    • Difficulty with spelling 

Auditory Discrimination:


It is the difficulty in hearing the difference between sounds.


  • Often mistakes words such 15 and 50
  •  Appears to be able to hear but is not listening   

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