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What is the role of parents and other advocates?

Students who have a long-term disability often have parents, friends, aides, or agency advocates who are invaluable support to them. These advocates often accompany students to their appointments and classes, and they are accustomed to being involved in decision-making.

While we appreciate the assistance of community advocates, it is our goal at the DRC to help students to become as independent as possible, to formulate their own goals, and to speak for themselves to the extent possible. We appreciate that this may involve a period of adjustment and re-learning for both the student and their advocates.

Per our Confidentiality Policy, we will not give student information to parents or other advocates without express permission from the student. In addition, it is our preference that students who are able, will attend Counseling, Financial Aid, and other appointments and classes by themselves, and will develop independent transportation strategies to the extent possible. DRC Counselors refer to a Student Learning Outcome strategy that helps move the student toward independence and self-sufficiency.

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